Individual Instruction

Individual instruction is focused, one-on-one time with me. Are you new to yoga and want some time to learn the basics? Perhaps you are managing a medical or physical challenge, and you're looking for a highly customized sequence. Maybe you simply want time on your mat with my guidance focused on you. I am happy to meet your needs. 
Individual instruction can happen at your home or office, or we can hold the session at Kula. I can supply a mat and any props you may need. 


Partner and Small Group Instruction

If you're looking to practice with your significant other, yoga buddy, or a small group of individuals, we can make it happen. Just as with one-on-one instruction, these sessions can be held in your space or at Kula
$100/hour (2-10 people)

Kids Yoga

Whether working with an individual child or teaching yoga in a classroom setting to many students, bringing yoga to young yogis is a passion of mine, especially since I've taught elementary and middle school for years. I can make yoga accessible and fun for kids, and they'll leave "class" feeling strong, calm, and focused. 
$50/half hour